Bolivian Monastery Adopts A Stray Dog And Makes Him An Honorary Monk


Friar Moustache, or Firar Bigoton, was a stray dog until he became a part of the St Francis Monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The monastery was named after a saint who loved animals a lot. Hence, monks of this monastery naturally have an affinity towards animals. They decided to give this stray dog a fresh lease of life by adopting it. He is now happy and enjoys life to the maximum extent possible by playing and running around all day, as expressed by Jorge Fernandez. Also, the monks at the monastery are all in awe of the dog and give him a lot of love.

Friar Moustache also likes being a monk, as he was seen attending all the duties as attended by a monk. The photos of this dog were posted online by Kasper Mariusz Kapron.

He only expressed that it would be much better if all the churches present in the country would stick to something like this, as it would result in a lot of animals being rescued.

monastery adopts friar dog

However, they are confident that they have set an example so that other churches can follow suit.

Introducing to you Friar Moustache, who was previously a stray dog; and is now a part of the St Francis Monastery happily.

The saint who established this Franciscan order was always an animal lover.

Monks thereby decided to adopt this pet dog.

He is a monk now and is happy living there.

All the monks love the dog immensely.

monastery adopts friar dog

He also wears the outfit of monks and attends all the duties.

monastery adopts friar dog

Look at how adorable he looks when he preaches to fishes.

By doing this, they are hoping that they have set an example for other monasteries to follow.

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